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About Customer Loyalty in a Study from Bond - lisa511 - 01-25-2023

Bond works with loyalty programs of various companies and helps businesses build relationships with their customers. The guys release a report every year in which they present to the market the results of measuring consumer loyalty in America and Canada. We at Out of Cloud are looking into these reports to get an idea of CRM marketing markets in other countries. Some trends after a while appear in Russia. Therefore, we are sharing with you the translation of the loyalty report for 2021. The Bond study is an evaluation of 450 loyalty programs. Experts interviewed 25,000 North American customers of companies from various business areas: retail, delivery, hotels, airlines.

We studied purchasing behavior, conducted surveys and presented the results in the form of graphs and recommendations. Loyalty Report 2021 Customer focus is an old, good trend that only a few use The fact that the business will collapse if it does not think first of all about the client is said at all marketing Lebanon Phone Number List conferences. But around the world, companies continue to focus on products rather than customer needs, selling rather than solving problems. Those who rebuild processes, begin to collect and process feedback from customers and immediately adjust the strategy will get an advantage. Customers, according to research, want to feel like they care about a brand. For their loyalty to products and services, they demand reciprocity. Only 20% of respondents believe that brands are loyal to them.

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In an ideal world of customers, a loyal brand is one that is well known to the consumer. Provides the buyer with more favorable conditions than others: discounts, bonuses, benefits. He strives not only to sell, but also to help his buyer in solving various problems: household or professional, it depends on the product. Phil Rubin Executive Vice President, Global Analysis & Strategic Partnerships, Bond The easiest way to increase profits in today's reality is to be a loyal brand and follow a customer-centric approach. A customer-centric approach is a strong and trusting relationship with consumers in the future. The company receives satisfied customers who are happy to return for purchases and recommend products and services to friends.