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How to Create a Page Best Practices and Cool Examples - tamanna426 - 01-24-2023

Page not found Oops here is no such page  The page you are looking for was not found ” - all these are 404 errors that occur when the resource we want to open is no longer available for some reason. You probably don't want your website visitors to see a 404 page frequently. Especially if they are just getting to know your brand. We can't prevent a 404 page from hitting us, but we can make sure that the page gives a good impression of our business. Even better. A 404 error page could make users smile and feel like they were in the right place. How is this possible? Read the answer in our article.

What is it The page is the page that users see when their web request generates a 404 error, an HTTP status code indicating that the page we are trying to Vietnam Phone Number List open does not exist. Most often, such a page appears when the URL is typed in error or when you click on a broken link that leads to a non-existent page. Another reason is that the site owner decided to delete the page or moved it to another location, but forgot to set up a redirect. Example of a standard 404 page How to make a 404 page - basic rules The design of the page should match the design of the site. A 404 error page should not stand out from the rest of the pages. Make the page easy to navigate.

[Image: istockphoto-3.jpg]

Add links to the main page and main sections of the site You need to work on the wording of the text. For obvious reasons, there cannot be a lot of textual information here - this is not a product page or a blog article. The absolute minimum is to explain what the page is, why the user landed on it, and what to do to get out of there. Add a direct link to contact the support team - give the user the opportunity to report a bug. This will show that the voice and opinion of the audience is very important to you. The 404 page is just as much a full-fledged page on the site as the rest, and it should be given no less attention to its creation than others.