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Linkedin for Businesses the 5 Secrets to Success - soshi69 - 01-21-2023

Did you know that linkedin for business can deliver amazing results for  a brand's online presence ? The social network is constantly growing among professionals and offers different benefits for a company page. In brazil alone, there are more than 29 million users connected on linkedin and sharing their professional experiences with people around the world. Using this social network for companies means valuing your brand image in the market and strengthening the unconstitutional communication strategy. Want to know how? Then follow the information in this article! What is linkedin and a company page? The evolution of the internet has transformed people into increasingly connected users. This advance caused new social networks to emerge quickly, bringing digital communication closer.

One of the social networks that appeared was linkedin, a space aimed at the professional field that connects professionals and companies around the world. Developed in 2002, it already has more than 500 million users in several countries. For personal profiles, linkedin works as a means of approximation between professionals and companies that are hiring. The social network email database makes it possible to share vacancies and send resumes and helps in the intermediation of a hiring. For companies, there is the possibility of creating a company page. This alternative provides the option to promote your differentials and characteristics — in addition to the advantage of managing ads and capturing insights about the audience that follows the page.

[Image: email-database-1.jpg]

How to get your company's success on the social network? There are different strategies that help to achieve good results when using linkedin for companies! Want to know what they are? 1. Boost seo performance companies that create a company page are evaluated as friendly to google, making their seo strategy more valuable. Use the right keywords in the description — that way, your page will appear among the first search results in the linkedin search bar. Optimize your url a personalized link with just your company name is much easier to use and remember by your followers. This function, in addition to being free, facilitates the use of your url in business cards and other social networks.