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How Does an Employee Advocacy Program Work - shatikhatun967 - 09-22-2022

Would you like to make your employees your brand ambassadors and influencers on social networks? There are so many reasons to get started: to increase your notoriety, develop your employer brand, increase the effectiveness of your lead generation system on the web... However, like any digital marketing project, employee advocacy requires real planning and constant monitoring. Discover the 4 essential steps to launch an employee advocacy program with small onions , where your employees and your business will find their way equally. 1/ Design a relevant strategy. Any good employee advocacy program starts with having a solid strategy in place. And who says strategy, says definition of precise objectives. So think about what you are running this program for. Would you like to: Increase engagement on your social networks, and develop your base of followers or fans? Increase traffic to your website from social media, and therefore generate more leads.

Do  Social Selling directly on social networks, to convert Social Media targets into leads? Develop your employer brand , to make it more attractive for future talents? // Choose one or more objectives, and be sure to associate them with relevant KPIs, in order to be able to follow them closely. Think about SMART goals : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Achievable, Time-bound. It's not enough for you to say “I want our employee advocacy program to Whatsapp Mobile Number List increase traffic to our website”. Rather say “I want this program to increase traffic to our website from social media by 10% over 6 months”.  Don't forget to take into account the personal objectives of your employees, their real motivations for joining the program. While some will want to help develop your business, others will also think about their personal branding, the development of their brand image on the web.

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Then in a second step  be sure to define precisely who are the key participants in your employee advocacy program: Who will post on social media? Only the departments in contact with your customers (sales, customer service, possibly marketing)? Or also your other departments (accounting, R&D, production…)? Which collaborator will take the role of referent of the program? A key role for your participants, who will sometimes have questions, and will want to know who to address them to; Who is responsible for monitoring KPIs? The digital marketing department, or your HR? And now that your employee advocacy strategy is ready, it's time to roll out the program to participants.