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Not everything in WoW WoTLK Classic was negative - cuyuay36612 - 07-20-2022

Even with the best intention of giving us a choice in how we would like to play WOTLK Classic Gold, it was no longer a choice--for most players, at least--as soon as someone figured out the meta. It's difficult to switch between systems in order to make them optimal for different games, or even if there's a balance shift to your class, just doesn't respect the player's time.

Thankfully, the majority of difficult power systems have now been updated in the last patch, but this change arrived too late. They're still in use in the game but you can now switch freely between Conduits and Covenants with no any penalty. Also, you can refund the currency that was created by legendaries unintentionally along with Domination Shards are no longer pertinent in 9.2.

Even so, most of the annoyances in WoW WoTLK Classic could've been avoided before the launch of the expansion. This was the time as players began questioning the rules for choosing Covenants during the Beta and PTR.

Not everything in WoW WoTLK Classic was negative, but. There was the Great Vault. Great Vault is an inspired improvement of the weekly chests from Battle for Azeroth, offering an array of gear if you complete the weekly tasks. The raids have been great too with intriguing bosses and mechanics that have been well-tuned.

The permanent return of the Mage Tower (opens the Mage Tower in a a new tab) was another highlight, and in the Eternity's End update has finally brought back tier sets buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold, something we've been begging for for a long time. True, the current loot trading rules made it difficult to access all four pieces but it's certainly an important step in the right direction.