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2019 State of B2B Content Consumption For Thailand Phone Number - hanjala81 - 05-07-2022

Every year, we dig into our vast repository of Thailand Phone Number List content consumption data. A product of billions of buyer-oriented content recommendations, across 300+ industries, we analyzed four million downloads and consolidated that data in a way that has real meaning for B2B marketers. While we all enjoy the occasional survey of other marketers, these reports tend to lack prescriptive powers of data-backed research. The 2019 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report articulates meaningful insights that can impact downstream ROI on a content marketing strategy. Nettling is uniquely positioned to Thailand Phone Number List serve up this report annually—as a wholly owned and operated platform, the data is exclusively first-party and has been provided by in-market professionals actively consuming content across our 15,000+ web properties.

So, let’s start digging, shall we? What’s Inside: By the People Lest the prospect of 17 pages of data feel kind of intimidating, we design the report to appeal to the Thailand Phone Number List marketer’s keen visual sensibility and preference for context. (We’re marketers, so we totally get it.) We did all the heavy lifting and interpreted the value behind statistics like, how long it takes for users to return for additional content, or how many hours pass between content request and actual consumption? On that same note, we’ve found an interesting negative correlation between return activity and initial engagement. This chart depicts the increase in the number of days before users returned for additional content. Clearly this is on the Thailand Phone Number List rise and paints an interesting picture when paired with Consumption Gap.

Consumption Gap is our term for the measurement of Thailand Phone Number List time between when a user requests a download and when he or she actually consumes the content they receive. We focus on this stat year to year, particularly by job level, to evaluate the appetite and prescribe a realistic window of time before sales follow-up. We all know how awkward it can be to Thailand Phone Number List receive an email or phone call asking how we enjoyed “XYZ eBook” when…yeah…didn’t open it yet. For the eager salesperson, the minimum wait time we can suggest, based upon data, is at least 24 hours before outreach.