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Four Things That Billbachao Lets You Do, Which Others Don’t - sakib khan - 12-27-2021

can provide. These are 4 especially useful features in Billbachao mobile app, thereby making it one of the most popular apps in the country.

1. Monitor your phone and data usage
There are many apps available out there that provide the option of online recharge, may it be an Idea online recharge or a Reliance online recharge. But this feature, which helps you monitor how much you used your phone for calls or how much of internet you have used, is very rare and quite helpful. It helps you assess the recharge plan, which will work best for you in future.

2. Check if you are overpaying
The mobile app of Billbachao has another unique feature, which gives you a statistical analysis of the usage on your phone and how much you paid for it. This helps you determine whether your service provider or telecom company is charging you more than what you’re using. This way, the customer always has an upper-hand over the service providers, and they have to maintain the quality of their service to avoid the risk of losing their market.

3. Check which network is best for you
The Billbachao mobile app, just like the website, can analyze the network strength and speed of different service providers and telecom Mobile Number Database companies, within your surrounding area. This strength check, includes both telecom as well as internet. This feature helps you figure out the telecom service provider that has the best network strength in your desired radius. This helps to avoid many network problems, which people not living in metropolitan cities, are currently facing.
[Image: CELL-PHONE-LIST-300x95.png]
4. Find plans that suit your usage
Every individual has different usage of their internet and talk-time. This fact has been picked up by the Billbachao mobile app. They display all the options of tailored plans they have, and help the customer choose the one which would be the most suitable for him/ her, in terms of talk-time usage, internet usage and value for money.
All in all, the primary purpose of the Billbachao mobile app is to make sure that every customer who installs it, never has any reason to let it be uninstalled.
Sunil Sodwana installed mobile app for a simple Reliance online recharge. Today, he is one of the most loyal customers of their services.